Presidential debate lacks decorum

A message can often times be misconstrued because of nonverbal actions or even a person’s tone.

This might have been the case after the presidential debate Oct. 3 between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

After seeing moderator Jim Lehrer being interrupted numerous times at the debate, we question if manners have been completely destroyed in politics today.

Should debate be attack style or not?

Will this style be helpful or hurtful?

Has sportsmanship been forgotten in politics?

After seeing the debate, we think so.

We think that Romney was too aggressive while Obama was too passive.

This is not an article on their politics or the content of what they said, but rather how they said it, which we think ultimately fell short for both men. Students at Linfield have shared similar views.

“I definitely thought that Romney’s interruptions were rude and uncalled for. I really didn’t prefer either debate style, Obama being more reserved and Romney being more energetic as the challenger. However, they both took their styles too far,” sophomore Megan Goudie said.

It is almost surprising that Lehrer was able to keep composed while continually being interrupted and talked over by Romney, something that Linfield students noted while discussing the debate online.

“Everyone is talking over everyone!!! Is Romney the mediator here or Jim?” sophomore Sarah Mason said via Twitter.

Some students even found ways to make jokes from the uncomfortable interruptions.

“Yo @MittRomney, Imma let you finish, but   @kanyewest was one of the best interrupters OF ALL TIME,” senior Gabrielle Nygaard said via Twitter.

In contrast, Obama’s relaxed, almost nonchalant attitude made some people think he had little interest in the debate or the issues at large. This  ended up being just as bad as Romney’s  aggressive debate tactics.

“If Obama had pepped it up a little, I think it would’ve been a better debate,” Goudie said.

Both Obama and Romney didn’t show ideal attitudes at the debate.

While some of the points they made may have made sense, Romney’s assertiveness and Obama’s lack of enthusiasm in delivering them has students questioning their votes.

Ask yourself what traits you want  your future president to have.


-The Review Editorial Board

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