Mentalist knocks out audience with snap of fingers

A hypnotist amused students with his mind tricks Sept. 29 in Ice Auditorium.

Michael Anthony, a nationally recognized hypnotist, returned to campus for his second performance at Linfield.

Anthony started the show with a card trick that ended with the card on his head. He then asked for participants sit in a row of chairs or to stand behind them.

“I can’t force hypnosis on you,” Anthony said. “All you have to do is try.”

Before he allowed audience members on stage, Anthony made the audience burst into laughter with his story about how he told a girl to get comfortable while in a trance. His visual depiction ended with the girl taking off her bra.

According to Anthony, the hypnosis is the equivalent of eight hours of sleep.

Anthony began the process by having participants focus on the center of his hand, allowing them to concentrate and then relax. Then he asked them to imagine that there was a heavy dictionary in their hands and that their hands were stuck together.

He was able to put participants to sleep with a snap of a finger or touch throughout the show.

Most participants fully committed to the performance, including second-timer sophomore Kevin Romero. Last year, Romero appeared on stage for hypnosis.

After Anthony eliminated the participants that were not committed, he went on to the more entertaining segment of the show.

“Now we are finished with the stupid stuff,” Anthony said. “Now we are going to go on to the really stupid stuff.”

Anthony added individual tasks to participants, which could occur with simple words.

He made one person get mad when he wasn’t referred to as “Cha Cha,” a girl used herself as a human seat belt every time he said “safety” and another male howled like a wolf every time he said “full moon.”

As a group, he asked them to participate in a dance contest and show off their best moves. All the participants bust a move to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

The male participants were also asked to sit back in their chairs and give birth to a baby for the entire audience.

To finish the performance, Anthony erased the memories of the show for all those involved. But as they stepped off the stage, they realized what had happened, instantly becoming embarrassed.

Linfield Activities Board sponsored this event and is next hosting a showing of the movie “Magic Mike” in Ice Auditorium on Oct. 9 at 9 p.m.

Ivanna Tucker

Sports editor

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