La Havas debuts in must-listen album

Lianne La Havas asks, “Is Your Love Big Enough?”

This is by far one of the must-listen albums of the year.

La Havas’s first album, “Is Your Love Big Enough,” fine-tunes what it means to be soulful and talented in this age of music.

London native La Havas has received ratings over three stars in reviews by the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian.

Not only is her music a perfect combination of soul, folk and pop, but she also shows how personality can be portrayed through lyrics.

La Havas wrote all but one song on her first album, showing her many talents in the production behind every song.

It is too often that newer artists forget that the beauty lies in the art and production of truly meaningful music, and La Havas is able to portray this artist concept perfectly.

La Havas has been featured throughout the year with truly talented artists, such as Bon Iver and Alicia Keys.

She has been quoted as saying some of her inspirations lay in past relationships and just growing up, making her songs relatable and easy to listen to.

Although La Havas does not see similar qualities between her and Corinne Bailey Rae, some of her songs undeniably have similar attributes to artists such as Rae, Lauryn Hill and India Arie.

She is said to have been flattered to be told she is the new India Arie, so if you are someone who can relate to soulful music from the likes of Arie and Hill, La Havas is the new and updated version.

Songs like “Lost & Found,” whose main chorus reads “You broke me and taught me to truly hate myself,” show how the struggles of relationships can be woven delicately into music as a coping method.

“I found myself in a secondhand guitar,” are some of the opening lyrics in her second upbeat track, “Is Your Love Big Enough.” This song could be the soundtrack of the year as the powerful lyrics and strong vocals and beats take you away.

La Havas was recently nominated for the 2012 Barclaycard Mercury Prize Album of the Year, which just shows how the new artist is already making her mark on the world through soulful songs and lyrics.

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Haydn Nason

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