Independent rap album from Seattle tops iTunes charts

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released their highly anticipated debut studio album, “The Heist,” on Oct. 12.

Once the album dropped, it quickly shot to the top of the iTunes albums charts, and for good reason. This album does not disappoint.

Anyone who has been a fan or become a fan of the Seattle duo during the last couple of years has been eagerly anticipating the release of a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis album for some time now.

During the last year or so, the duo has been debuting songs, such as “Wings,” “Can’t Hold Us” and “Make the Money,” and it has been barely enough to satisfy the appetites of a massively growing fan base.

“The Heist” is a diverse album that will satisfy the needs of all its listeners, from the hipsters to the die-hard hip hop heads. This album has the sort of mass appeal that hasn’t existed since hip hop’s golden age of the ’90s.

The album starts with “10,000 Hours,” a song that celebrates the unbelievable effort that has been put into getting to this point of releasing the album. Macklemore speaks of finally being able to live off his craft and getting out of the basement made famous in his song “Otherside.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show their diversity on “Neon Cathedral.” The song features Seattle songsmith Allen Stone singing an incredible smooth and bluesy hook. Lewis puts on a musical master class with the production. The song features a bass-clap beat and the smoothest of guitar riffs that will bring any listener right in tune with Mack’s lyrics.

The song talks about the struggles of alcoholism and using substance as a substitute for a relationship with God. The bars are the neon-lit churches for someone struggling with abuse.

Die-hard hip hop fans will be excited to see features on the album from Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q from hip hop group Black Hippy. “White Walls” featuring Schoolboy Q is a true banger that features Mack and Q rapping about their affinity for old Cadillac cars on white wall tires.

The album ends on an incredibly real and sincere moment that defines why Macklemore has the following he has today. On “Starting Over,” Macklemore reveals that he has relapsed from his sobriety from substance abuse.

He worries that fans will think he is fake or made up all the emotion he had put into songs like “Otherside.” He struggles with the idea that his music was the music that helped others get sober.

“If I can be an example of getting sober, then I can be an example of starting over.”

The song shows why Macklemore has created such a strong grassroots following that has propelled him to the top without any major label record deal. Macklemore is honest, he is real, he treats his fans like family and they return that love in spades.

In a world where everything seems to be becoming more manufactured, where politicians can’t utter a real uncensored thought without getting publicly thrashed by the media, no matter who they are, and huge money and corporations rule the world, in steps a couple guys from Seattle who want you to hear what they really have to say, sing along with them and help them change the world one person at a time. Plain and simple, that’s how it’s been from the beginning.

“The Heist” is an absolute must-have album for any fan of music. It is something that has been created from the ground up through a true relationship between Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the fans who continue to support them every day.

The album can be purchased on iTunes or at the band’s website

Tyler Sedlacek

For the Review

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