Facilities plan under construction

After the State of the College Address that President Thomas Hellie recently presented, some at the Review questioned why there was no set facilities plan currently in place for the college.

Without a facilities plan, how does the college know what to add or renovate next?

How does money get equally allocated without a facilities plan?

Is it fair to all of the departments here at Linfield?

Luckily, no one should fear that his or her dorm or favorite building will soon become decrepit.

“Facilities plan is a
generic word that covers a variety of planning documents related to facilities improvement. The college has been working and deciding on campus improvements over the last 12 years based on a variety of planning documents,” said John Hall, director of Capital Planning and Development.

A facilities plan encompasses many factors, all of which take years for the needed money to be raised and research to be completed.

“The college has a systematic planning process where plans are developed for specific purposes to address space and building needs,” Hall said. “The different types of planning documents depend on college needs and the level of detail required for decision making.”

For example, “this year, John Hall went around to talk to all of the different departments here and in Portland to get their opinion on what is next. Then we decide how this information can fit into our resources and vacancies,” Hellie said.

“Additionally, the Facilities Services Department is working on a Deferred Maintenance plan which would identify significant maintenance items that need to be addressed.  This information will be folded in future improvements made to spaces/buildings,” Hall said.

This information plus previous knowledge and past plans combine to form the new facilities plan.

“It takes 10 years or more to make a new plan,” Hellie said. “We have at least another six years left to create the next one.”

Linfield is at a stage where it is asking what to do next. After all the big renovations to T.J. Day Hall and various other venues, the college must now work with what it currently has.

Ultimately, Linfield has a series of plans and to-dos but it just hasn’t been compiled and titled as a total, master facilities plan.

“Just because something isn’t in the plan, it still can be added later. There is always room for modification. Smaller things might not even make the master plan, but will still happen,” Hellie said.

So no worries are needed. Your beloved dorm is safe in the hands of those working to improve the facilities here at Linfield.


-The Review Editorial Boar

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