Deaf school scares as fundraiser

Linfield students found the courage to go to the Oregon School for the Deaf’s haunted house, The Nightmare Factory, on Oct. 19.

Different dorms across campus took the bus ride to Salem, Ore., for a chance to get scared nearly to death at the Nightmare Factory.

“It was really creepy because it was in a basement,” sophomore Rebecca Kropp said. “I’ve been before and it was so different than the last time.”

Unlike other haunted houses you may have been to, the Nightmare Factory tries to steer clear of the overused movie monsters.

The Nightmare Factory also sets itself apart by creating a completely different set and monsters every year. They like to switch things up to get patrons to return year after year.

Some students were even too afraid to get on the bus to go to the haunted house, including myself.

This haunted house isn’t just for scares. It is also a great chance for the community of Salem to come together and help a worthy cause.

All of the haunted house’s profits go back to the Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD), where the students decide what the money will help pay for. In the past, the profits have helped pay for new equipment and educational programs.

Alyssa Townsend

Opinion editor

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