Comedian gets few laughs, falls short of students’ expectations

Linfield students were given the opportunity to watch and laugh at comedian Ron Funches’ performance Oct. 13 in Ice Auditorium.

Funches took center stage wearing a purple zip-up with the Batman logo, and spouted off jokes about being a black super hero. He covered an array of topics, including drug tests, skittles, slavery and elderly women being rude.

Funches was successful in delivering sarcastic jokes to students, as laughter filled the auditorium the entire evening.

However, a few students were not completely satisfied with Funches show.

“It wasn’t as great as I thought it would have been. I feel like other comedians were much better. Last year, I went to a few and they were pretty hilarious,” sophomore Ke’ikeokalani Acain said.

Funches is originally from Portland but has recently moved his talents to L.A. to pursue his comedy career more seriously.

He was named one of the best young stand-up comedians by Esquire magazine and has performed alongside numerous well-known comedians.

Before pursuing comedy full time, Funches procured several odd jobs like being a cashier at a grocery store and working at a bank.

Carrie Skuzeski

Staff writer

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