Author encourages students to be financially literate

Guest speaker Dave Straube shared his book, “Someday is Not a Plan,” with students and faculty Oct. 25 in Nicholson Library’s Reading Room, revealing financial advice geared toward people in their 20s.

“Someday is Not a Plan” provides financial advice in a “no graphs, no charts” manner, while following a conversation between 20-something Larry and his Uncle Roger.

“It’s supposed to be an easy read,” Straube said. “In a nutshell, it’s a financial coming-of-age story.”

After experiencing his own financial blunders as a young adult, Straube was inspired to write “Someday is Not a Plan” when he realized that his children, now in their 20s, had limited knowledge of finance, just as he once had.

“Because of that lack of education, I made every mistake in money that could be made,” Straube said. “Part of the lessons in my book are from my own life.”

Straube’s “tongue-in-cheek and serious talk” stressed the importance of starting financial awareness immediately.

“The longer you wait, the more it’s going to hurt you in the long run,” Straube said. “People focus too much on the short term and need to focus on the long term.”

Straube explained his “Seven Rules of Financial Success,” emphasizing the importance of thinking ahead, with “Take the Long View” being his first rule.

“You have to get in the game early and be aware of what you’re doing financially,” Straube said.

Straube talk also included five ways to build wealth. He shared tips that helped him become financially aware.

“Ask successful people questions,” Straube said. “In our culture, people aren’t comfortable sharing their financial information, but are willing to share their financial knowledge.”

Additionally, Straube encouraged audience members to strive to educate themselves.

“I read one finance article per week,” Straube said.

He also encouraged the audience to read two financial books a year.

“Be a financial student for life,” Straube said.

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Chrissy Shane

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