‘Always Home’ satisfies folk fans

If you enjoy acoustic music mixed with folk, then Karl Hepler’s newest album “Always Home” is definitely worth listening to. As far as acoustic musicians go, sometimes it can be too overdone with a troubadour feel, but Karl and his accompanist and father, Doug, have real chemistry and overall talent.

As I listened to the first four tracks, I realized I enjoyed their music so much because it reminded me of a Willie Nelson and James Taylor mix, although Karl Hepler is categorized mainly within the folk genre.

Born and raised in a small, rural town in
Virginia, Hepler was taught the importance of music and started playing the piano at a young age. Hepler and his family frequently went to the yearly old time music workshops in Virginia where he developed his overall love for music, especially the guitar. His father was also a huge musical influence on Karl since the family all played and recorded music growing up.

“Always Home” features a range of instruments, including banjos, guitars, violins, violas and pianos, to name a few. It is clear that this father-son duo is musically talented and works as a team to perform acoustic-folk vocals.

Karl’s father, who is featured as more of a background harmonizer, provides the balance for this strong duo.

Track number four, titled “Until the Morning Comes,” was my favorite song on the album. It was more upbeat and provided a sense for where Hepler’s inspiration came from growing up in a small town. He sings about setting suns and working his fingers down to the bones.

“Until the Morning Comes” is a perfect example of what good acoustic-folk sounds like.

The only disappointing aspect of “Always Home” is the fact that there is little variety of songs. Most of the songs on this album are upbeat, acoustic songs. There are only two songs that could be considered to be slower and more relaxed. So, if you are looking to listen to something slow and solemn, then Hepler’s album would not be for you.

Despite the lack of variety, “Always Home” by Karl Hepler is a great album with overall impressive vocals and strong instrumental beats.

Tune into KSLC 90.3 FM to hear Karl Hepler’s “Always Home.” You can also listen online at www.linfield.edu/kslcfm or stream the station on iTunes.

Haydn Nason

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