Ted Wilson Gymnasium, fitness center undergoes renovations

Numerous renovations were made around campus during the summer. The Ted Wilson Gymnasium and fitness center both underwent interior changes.
The Ted Wilson Gymnasium was originally opened in 1989, replacing the vastly smaller Riley Center. With a total of 1,924 spectator seats, the gymnasium is by no means small. One of the developments that occurred during the summer was the reconstruction of the Ted Wilson Gymnasium floor.
“The floor was on schedule to be redone,” said Scott Carnahan, athletic director. “There were several broken boards that needed to be replaced. In order to do that, we had to start from the bottom.”
Refurbishing a gym floor is no easy task. The process took three weeks, in which the old floor was sanded to the base, replaced with new hardwood, repainted and refinished. Another change to the floor was the updated
logo of the Linfield Wildcat. The process was then completed with polishing and buffing.
The new floor was first used for the Opening Convocation during Freshmen Orientation.
“Seeing the shiny, brand new gym floor during the orientation ceremonies seemed to signify the start of a new school year and a new beginning,” freshman Hanna Menzel said.
In addition to the changes
to the gym, the fitness center also underwent renovations. One of the two converted racquetball courts has become a cardiovascular workout room, which currently holds ellipticals, treadmills and stationary bikes. The second has become an area for stretching, pilates, yoga and medicine ball work. The two remaining courts will continue to be used for racquetball.
To go along with the cardiovascular and medicine ball workout rooms, the weight room will remain the same and will be receiving new dumbbells and weights.
Linfield will be receiving new workout equipment and weights in mid-September for all three fitness rooms.
“Students’ reactions have been very positive with the new changes,” Carnahan said. “The new renovations will give everybody more space in the additional area, which will allow for more students to be active.”

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