Student bank robbers convicted

The pair of college students who robbed two banks in 2010 won’t go to jail. Instead, they were sentenced to five years of probation, no contact with each other, 200 hours of community service, continued mental health counseling and cannot consume alcohol.
According to the Oregonian, prosecutors wanted Emma Caday Westhusing, 21, and Brittney Ann Sykes Caudle, 24, to receive jail time. Instead, the judge was impressed with the remorse the women showed and their efforts to rehabilitate. Both have jobs and are taking college classes again. They are seeking therapy and counseling as well.
Westhusing, who previously went to Linfield, pleaded guilty to two counts of bank robbery, and Sykes Caudle pleaded
guilty to one. The two became friends and started
joking about robbing a banks to solve their financial troubles. The jokes turned serious when they began researching bank security policies.
Sykes Caudle and Westhusing stole $1,380 from Rivermark Community Credit Union in Portland on Oct. 18 and $1,370 from the same credit union in Gresham, Ore., on Dec. 6.

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