Stand-up night brings in laughs

Pete Lee performs in front of 300 Linfield students in Ice Auditorium on Aug 28.

Stand-up comedian, online video writer/editor/director and cat owner Pete Lee entertained some 300 Linfield students Aug. 28 at the first official Linfield Activities Board (LAB) event of the year.
Lee, who majored in journalism at the University of Minnesota, got his start in comedy with encouragement from a college roommate. After college, he quit his day job to pursue a career in comedy, one which would see him be a standout at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, a semi-finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and the 7th ranked performer out of the top 100 comedians in Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown 2010.
The 75-minute show attracted students from all backgrounds. Sophomore Amy Guo admitted before the show that she did not understand American humor very well and afterward said was excited to have understood Lee’s jokes. Freshman Anders Kass shared similar enthusiasm.
“I was laughing most of the time pretty hard,” Kass said, adding that he would most likely attend another Pete Lee show.
For his performance, Lee pulled not only from recent oddities but also from childhood experiences. Lee joked about being called a “wimp” growing up in a feminine household and having the name “Pete Lee.”
Other topics included hipsters, being pantless, his allergy to trees and inaccurate tagging on Facebook. He also brought light humor to controversial topics such as obesity and homosexuality.
“Everyone in this generation is more in touch with their human feelings. [In other words], the way I was brought up is how it is today,” Lee said, concluding that it was easier for him to get in tune with the college crowd through his humor.
Junior Kristen Ursino agreed by saying she enjoyed how Lee was able to make fun of himself.
“It’s always okay to be mean, if it’s funny,” Lee said.
After the show, Lee signed fridge magnets as souvenirs for the audience. Once he returns to New York, Lee will be back on the college circuit, touring in Pennsylvania followed by Connecticut.

Eureka Foong
For the Review

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