Pro Cat Cab pumps up the energy

Chris Bryden and Tony Glaser, two members of Alma Desnuda, sing into the microphone while performing a Pro Cat Cab on Sept. 13 in the Fred Meyer Lounge.
Joel Ray/Senior photographer

It’s not an easy task to get the Fred Meyer Lounge full of energy and excitement on a Thursday night. Alma Desnuda had no problem with the feat, supplying a great show for all in attendance at the Cat Cab on Sept. 13.
Alma Desnuda is a four-man group based out of San Francisco. The band came together, while three of the members: Chris Bryden, Paul Suhr and Tony Glaser, met in Spain while studying abroad. The fourth member is Joe Glaser, Tony’s brother.
The bay area-based group performs in small venues all across the
United States, mainly focusing on the West Coast. Its mixture of rock and soul keeps a light-hearted feel to the performances.
It took little time for Alma Desnuda to get the crowd going in the Fred Meyer Lounge.
“Spider Webs was the third or fourth song, and you could just feel the
energy, and I think that’s where the night turned,” Bryden said.
Everyone in attendance was into the music, clapping and moving along with the tunes.
“Often the audience doesn’t realize how they can affect the performance,” Bryden said.
“It’s a great place to play,” Tony Glaser said. “This is the second time we’ve played here, and there were more people out here tonight, which is great.”
As the night went on the audience kept getting more involved. One song, “Collette,” especially got the crowd involved.
“Collette was a good song,” Tony Glaser said. “Every one got really silly.”
Another crowd favorite was Alma Desnuda’s cover of MGMT’s “Kids.” The use of the stand up bass added a more playful effect to the song.
Alma Desnuda was well received by the Linfield crowd. Most people in attendance were able to talk to the four-man band after the show.
The next Cat Cab will be Sept. 20 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. This Cat Cab will feature the
musical stylings of Linfield student junior Sylvan Tovar.
There are Cat Cabs every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Fred
Meyer Lounge. Contact senior Jennifer Morgan, the Linfield Activities Board musical entertainment chair, at for any information regarding performances or schedules of Cat Cabs.

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