Music Review: Channel Orange

People are not only calling this the best R&B album, but continue to talk about Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange as being the best album of the entire year.
This album sounds best when you let the jazz-inspired sounds take you away while listening from beginning to end. Channel Orange describes how not-so-perfect love and relationships can be, thus the inspiration for many of his songs such as “Real Love.”
These not-so-perfect people in his songs relate well to how life truly can play out, and the stories about addiction and deaths need to be heard by everyone. Even Frank Ocean pours his heart out to a taxi driver in “Bad Religion,” which portrays Ocean’s love for a man who does not reciprocate the feelings.
Channel Orange cannot be categorized as just an R&B album, but instead combines Motown, jazz and hip hop subtly smoothed together to make the listener understand Ocean’s inspirations.
John Mayer, Andre 3000, and up-and-coming R&B artist Earl Sweatshirt are just a few of the collaborators who helped Ocean create these stunning ballads.
Frank Ocean not only made a life-changing announcement of his newly bisexual or gay status a week before the album dropped, but initially it did provide for major hyping of the album. Although his status confirmation is still to be officially determined, this did not affect his overall sales.
Songs like “Crack Rock” portray Ocean’s hard upbringing on the streets. Even as a young teen he was exposed to hard times and serious drug abuse.
Channel Orange will not only be breaking records in the R&B category, but will also make a mark on general music lovers of the 21st Century. Download the album if you enjoy smooth jazz sounds playing to touching and defining words by Frank Ocean.
Tune into KSLC 90.3 FM to hear Frank Ocean’s: Channel Orange. You can also listen online at or stream the station on iTunes.

Haydn Nason
For the Review

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