Magical comedian leaves audience in awe

Comedian Derek Hughes catches a ping-pong ball on his nose. The Los Angeles-based actor performed for Linfield students Sept. 15 in Ice Auditorium.
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A comedian with a magical twist performed for students Sept. 15 in Ice Auditorium.
Derek Hughes shocked the audience with his magic tricks, while performing a variety of jokes.
The Los Angeles-based actor lived in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota to study acting.
“When you live in Minnesota, you move away,” Hughes joked.
He has appeared in the motion picture “Grown Ups” and the reality show “Celebracadabra.” On the show, Hughes assisted rapper Christopher “Kid” Reid.
He was asked to present his comedic twist on magic at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and has toured across the country.
“Suck at sports, that’s how you become a magician,” Hughes said.
Hughes opened the show with a trick using three ropes, making them turn into three different lengths. He made it seem like he was just joking about doing the trick but then pulled away a smaller portion of the rope.
Throughout the show, he performed card tricks with comedic twists that kept the audience engaged.
Attendees were pulled from the audience to help assist with parts of the show.
For one trick, he made the card jump from the deck into his pocket. The audience burst into laughter as he constantly tricked the audience member. Lastly, he made the ace appear in his butt.
He talked about how to cheat in a game of blackjack and even brought humor to the autobahn in Germany.
Charlie Chaplin-themed music played as the audience members walked on and off the stage to add more of a classic novelty show feel.
During one portion, he told a story about how coincidences occur and then led into the mind-reading section of the show.
Hughes asked people in the audience to pick a random city, boy’s name, and select a page in the dictionary. Once all were chosen, he correctly guessed each one. He played it off as if he didn’t get it right, but shocked the audience with his correct answers.
Some people doubted his tricks, including sophomore Emma Connell who was called on stage because she didn’t believe what was going on.
Hughes then proved his magical powers by making a card that she picked show up in a priority mail package that he gave to an audience member earlier in the show.
“At the beginning of the show, I made a commitment to your astonishment,” Hughes said.
A new trick that he premiered was ripping a newspaper into pieces and restoring it to one full piece again.
“If I need to come up with something new, it takes a few months,” Hughes said.
He made a tribute to W.C. Fields, a famous juggler, by catching a ping-pong ball on his nose.
“Tonight you will remember Derek Hughes… dot net,” Hughes said. “I’m gonna be famous.”

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