Everyone deserves the opportunity to attend college

Job-seekers today cannot make it far without a college degree. With the rising cost of college, financial aid can only help students so much. Costs and financial aid can also be impacted by whether you apply to an in-state or out-of-state school. This can all come into question when you are denied in-state cost based on your parent’s citizenship status.
In a recent New York Times article, a federal court in Florida threw out the state regulations stating that American children with parents who are of illegal immigrants are considered out-of-state residents.
This raises the question, why did this law exist in the first place?
As a society, America has a sense of pride for the independence of its citizens. But this pride conflicts with the fact that the people who are affected the most by this ruling are American citizens.
Now, this makes me wonder, if two babies were born in the same hospital in America, but their mothers were from different places, would that make either baby any less of an American citizen? Both these children have the same “country of birth” written on their birth certificate.
A parent’s choices and past should not have any effect on their child’s future or the recognition of their citizenship. While they are family, a parent and child are not the same person.
There are now at least 14 states with laws permitting undocumented students who attend school in-state to pay the same as other in-state students. According to the National Immigration Law Center website, most of the students affected by this law are the children of undocumented immigrants.
While the issue would not exist if the undocumented immigrants came to America with proper documentation, this is not a choice made by the students, who are being denied the rights they were born with. A person can never choose what their parents are going to do before they are born, so why be punished for it when you’re trying to make life better for yourself?
These students should be treated fairly and given what they’re entitled to as American citizens.
America, let’s be fair to all of our citizens, regardless of their parents.
Choices can’t be made by someone who isn’t even born yet.

Kaylyn Peterson
Copy chief

Kaylyn Peterson can be reached at linfieldreviewcopy@gmail.com.

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