Early recruitment contributes to students’ stress

The beginning of the school year is a stressful time for returning students. It can be even more nerve-wracking for new students who are just starting to experience college life.
In the first few weeks alone, students are faced with the immense challenge of time management. They are immediately slammed with classes, papers, reading assignments, quizzes, extracurricular activities, sports and more.
However, this is also one of the best things about Linfield. It offers students many opportunities to get involved around campus, one of which is through Greek Life.
About 25 percent of the McMinnville campus’ student population is involved in Greek Life. Greek Life at Linfield allows students to get involved not only around campus but also throughout the community through service.
But regardless of personal opinion or whether joining Greek Life is the right choice for a particular student, one thing is for sure: Linfield Greek Life should wait to have formal recruitment until later in the semester.
As it stands, formal recruitment usually takes place in about the third week of the fall semester. This is way too early for new students to determine if joining Greek Life is something they want to do. They haven’t had enough time to observe how Greek Life works around campus or the opportunity to effectively balance time commitments presented by their classes.
Not to mention, men and women already involved in Greek Life spend weeks preparing for formal recruitment. Many of the sororities have recruitment practices throughout the week and weekends, and fraternities have to plan and prepare for various events. The preparation can be quite time-consuming.
It is already stressful enough balancing schoolwork with whatever activities one might be involved in. The added pressure of preparing for recruitment as soon as the semester starts does nothing to help alleviate tensions.
In addition to helping students ease into the school year, having formal recruitment at a later date might actually help increase participation numbers. Students would have more time to go through the process after developing somewhat of a steady routine. Greek Life leaders would also have more time to advertise for formal recruitment.
Many schools do not even have formal recruitment until the end of their semesters. Other schools don’t allow freshmen to rush until they’ve completed a semester. Although these policies are drastic compared to Linfield’s, Greek Life should consider pushing back formal recruitment at least to the end of September or October.
The change would help out many of the organizations involved in the formal recruitment process and students wanting to rush would have more time to settle in to college life first.

Jessica Prokop
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