Costs outweigh benefits for Hall of Fame

When walking into the HHPA, you might not expect to be stopped dead in your tracks by the upgraded Hall of Fame and Hall of Champions.
However, the Hall of Fame’s new decorum and two 55-inch touch-screen monitors have students stopping in awe and wondering where the heck the money that went into creating this spectacle came from.
Luckily, the students don’t have to worry about whether the cost came out of their tuition, as the TopCat Club funded the $45,000 renovations.
TopCat Club is an organization that raises money for athletic advancements here at Linfield.
While we thank TopCat Club for helping the athletic facilities grow and advance, we wonder why this money wasn’t put toward uses that would benefit a larger number of students rather than highlight just a few.
“I think Linfield sports have accomplished a lot, so the Hall of Fame is a huge accomplishment that should definitely be highlighted,” sophomore Riley Denson said. “However, I do not think it is worth pouring as much money as we did into it.”
“I think some of that money could have been put toward improving our athletic facilities or used to bring on more staff members in the HHPA to expand the hours that it is open,” Denson said.
This leads us to question if this renovation was made only in an attempt to recruit more students versus to help educate and improve conditions for current students.
Why wasn’t this money used for better equipment in the gym?
Or at least used for the equipment already ordered to arrive sooner?
Could this money possibly have been used just for repairs in the weight room?
These are just a few suggestions that would have benefited more students rather than just recognizing a smaller group of students and former students.
Linfield is a college filled with exceptional students, all of whom should be recognized and respected equally.
The gym should be a place where everyone feels welcome and equal in working toward a healthier lifestyle.
Ultimately, the Hall of Fame is a great chance to show school spirit, but did it really need to cost as much as it did. We think not.

-The Review Editorial Board

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