Clinton steals attention from Obama at Democratic convention

At the Democratic National Convention this year, Bill Clinton gave a 49-minute speech. He was scheduled to give a 3,000-word speech about Obama and the policies that have been discussed on the Republican and Democratic sides. His speech turned into 6,000 words and the audience was ecstatic about every aspect, almost constantly applauding and laughing.
Current president, Barack Obama, was scheduled to give a speech addressing his stance on the current issues and the opposing party.
Clinton set the bar high for the president as he received a standing ovation from the audience.
The purpose of the Democratic National Convention is to help the democratic nominee discuss his view to the public and fellow party members.
Clinton, however, made the convention more about how he can kill all the points of the opposing side. More attention went to his speech than toward Obama, who is the actual candidate running for presidency.
Clinton made some
valid points throughout his speech and kept the audience engaged. Their excitement showed how much of a presence Clinton has in society. His speech could have been toned down a bit so that Obama’s speech would have, in comparison, stood out more.
Some may say that Obama could have spiced up his speech, but Obama made his points and has his own unique presence.
After every few sentences, the audience would frantically applaud or chant during Clinton’s speech.
When Obama came on stage, the audience gave him full support and encouragement. This is mostly because of the boastful speech given the night prior by Clinton.
Both Clinton and Obama showed respect toward the opposing party, while at the Republican convention, the speeches targeted the opposing party with forceful tactics. This is not about who is right or wrong in their points. This is about how the importance of what the convention is actually about was diverged into who can make the best show for the audience.
Clinton took total advantage of his opportunity to speak to show how much the audience admires him.
By the end of his 49-minute speech, most were probably confused as to whether the convention was about Clinton or Obama accepting the democratic nomination.
The lasting impression that Clinton made has spread across the country like wildfire. His speech has been viewed more times than Obama’s, showing where the attention has been pushed.
The Democratic convention made a good selection in choosing Clinton to speak, but it should have monitored how much he actually said on television more closely. The majority of attention should be on the actual candidate, not the guest speaker.
Was this convention about Obama’s reelection, or about how much Clinton can show him up on stage?

Ivanna Tucker
Sports editor

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