Teen singer produces original album

Singing songs about the college lifestyle and spreading peace, Garrett J. Brown sure knows how to connect to student listeners. Always hearing some kind of message in his songs, Brown’s album “Priorities” is a must-hear for the month.

Brown recorded “Priorities” in the same studio that has produced works for Marilyn Manson and Elliott Smith, but don’t let the unique musical mix of artists fool you, his sound is definitely acoustic pop and soul.

Artists like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and John Mayer are just a few of Brown’s idols who inspired most of the sounds found on “Priorities.” His style can be classified as soul-pop as he gracefully combines drums, acoustic guitars and saxophones.

Brown, now 17, started producing his self-taught sounds at the young age of 10. Some of his songs describe his upbringing as young and playful with a country feel. The track “Passerby” has an upbeat rhythm with percussion that can make you get lost in the background.

Brown is not just a talented singer, but also a writer who writes most of his songs and plays many different instruments. In 2009, Brown was named “Artist with the Most Potential,” by the Hard Rock Café in Boston.

Even though his sound is inspired by many famous artists, Brown stands out for the simple fact that he can do it all. He can write it, play it and then sing it, making a one-of-a-kind song.

The track “House of Cards” pulls out a Jamaican feel as the song starts with the keys and drums creating a great separation from his usual sounds on the album. The saxophone throughout the piece also reminds you what real soul music should sound like.

“Priorities” is a perfect example of what real written music sounds like. Brown not only makes his original songs connect to the listener, but he also has relatable lyrics that truly make you think.

Garrett J. Brown can be found touring, online and at KSLC 90.3 FM. He is always interested in connecting with fans and newcomers so if you enjoy soulful sounds, you are definitely going to want to check him out.

To hear more songs and to check out Garrett J. Brown in “Priorities,” go to KSLC and listen.

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