Rock band makes radical EP

Rock finds a new source of grunge-like intensity with Thought Transfer, the brainchild of the group’s front-man, Bob Katsiaficas. The EP, “Another Mistake,” showcases the group’s insane energy and wide variety of skills that should appeal to any rock lover.

The EP dives right into fast-paced action with the first track, “Get Up,” which could be best described as something like the Foo Fighters with the amount of energy found on the song and the Dave Grohl-esque lyrical performance of Katsiaficas. The song also features an intense guitar solo that supplements the rest of the track wonderfully without overtaking the sound.

The title track, “Another Mistake,” follows and does not let up on the radical nature of the EP. A monster guitar riff kicks off the track with a drum intro that infiltrates listeners’ senses. Accompanied by the unique style of vocals that Katsiaficas has, it makes for a solid song that seems like it comes from the ‘90s grunge scene in Seattle.

The third and final track of the album, “Turn Around,” is an emotionally charged song in which Katsiaficas finds himself pleading with the main character to “turn around” and not go through with some regrettable actions. The song features cryptic guitar riffs and a powerful drum performance that reaches optimal levels of intensity. Through these tracks, Thought Transfer is able to transcend their primary influences, such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Tool and Neil Young, while adding its own unique perspective on the world and what it has in store for all of us.

Katsiaficas created Thought Transfer after writing and performing under various incarnations more than 15 years and amidst a bunch of other new material. His works include Acrobat, Kat, B Kats and Thousand Days, but he has put a lot of energy into Thought Transfer, and it shows in the group’s new EP.

Katsiaficas recruited the talents of Annie Hoffman to play bass and the organ, and his fellow Thousand Days band mate Matt Hayden to play the drums. When Katsiaficas is not shredding with Thought Transfer, he still somehow finds the time to play guitar and write all the music for Thousand Days. The group recorded “Another Mistake” in its hometown of Brighton, Mass., at Zippah Recording.

Look for “Another Mistake” to invade the KSLC airwaves in the coming weeks.

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