Moving takes longer than 24 hours

Students’ minds are consumed with finals and end-of-the-year activities during the last couple weeks of school, and it can be difficult to think about anything else.

Within 24 hours of students’ last final, they are expected to be completely moved out of their dorm room or apartment.

Not only must students be moved out, but their rooms must be thoroughly cleaned before leaving.

This is a hasty deadline to meet during an already busy time.

End-of-the-year projects, exams, fun with friends and graduation are most likely higher on everyone’s to-do list than packing up everything into boxes.

There are numerous reasons why moving out within 24 hours is challenging.

The last day of finals is May 24, but Spring Commencement doesn’t begin until May 27.

Many students wish to stay on campus until Spring Commencement, but the current rule doesn’t account for that.

If students want to attend graduation, they have to drive all the way home with their stuff and then drive all the way back.

Not everyone lives around the McMinnville area, making it unlikely for many students to be able to attend graduation.

Graduation is an important event and should have the support of as many members of Linfield’s community as possible.

Extending the move-out date would allow more students to attend Spring Commencement and be supportive of graduates.

Another issue that arises with the current rule is that some students who live out of state and are without a car might be unable to move out the day after their last final.

Students who have to book a plane ride home or wait for their parents to pick them up might need more time to get things packed up.

Even students who live close to Linfield or have a car might have trouble moving out 24 hours after finishing their last final.

After taking a lot of exams and writing papers, students’ brains are fried and need a chance to relax.

Students also want time to be able to say goodbye to friends before going home for three months.

Spending one last time with friends before going home can be important for people who aren’t going to see each other after the school year is finished.

While it is understandable that students need to move out promptly at the end of the school year, extending the move-out date until after Spring Commencement would give students more time to pack up their things and say goodbye to friends before returning home.

Expecting students to be completely moved out within 24 hours of their last final is a little hasty.

Extending the date by just a couple more days would be best for students.


-The Review Editorial Board

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