Live on the air the radio show: Dos Zaquis with Zach Brandon and Zach Manley

Junior Zach Manley and sophomore Zach Brandon wish to have special guests Taylor Swift, Robert Downey Jr. and Scott Brosius on their show. Kate Straube/Photo Editor

A student turns on her online radio and anxiously waits for the show to begin. She doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen on the show today, but she knows that the two guys who are hosting are going to do something entertaining. While listening, they start belting “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

Dos Zaquis is a radio show that was started last semester by junior Zach Manley and sophomore Zach Brandon.

The show features the two talking about a variety of topics from relationships to sports and even activities to do around McMinnville. They tend to not have a set script for the show, but rather walk in with a topic and go from there.

Throughout the year, they have had special guests, such as senior softball player Jaydee Baxter and senior baseball player Ryan Larson.

“By bringing in athletes, it gives us a more in-depth look at the sport,” Brandon said.

Manley and Brandon met each other at summer baseball during Brandon’s sophomore year in high school and bonded each summer, while playing the game. Manley went to community college and decided that he wanted to go in a different path with his life, so he went to visit Linfield. Brandon ended up visiting at the same time. From there, they have been playing baseball together for the Wildcats.

The show began once Manley invited Brandon to join his two-hour time slot that he had to do for the Broadcast Practices class. After Brandon sat in one Friday, they decided to make it a regular thing. Prior to being called Dos Zaquis, the show was titled “Catching Z’s with Zach and Zach.”

Their main audience is 18 to 24-year-old females, and they have had listeners from Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Gonzaga and Boise State University.

“It’s cool to have friends from back home listen,” Manley said.

The dynamic duo complements each other while on the air. They each serve as a support system for the other, as Manley initiates the topic and Brandon gives his opinion.

“There are very few things that we disagree on,” Brandon said.

Freshman Chris Haddeland and senior Reed Nicholson have also helped with the show. Haddeland has assisted them with social networking by helping with Twitter and other aspects. Nicholson hosted a segment on their show called “Five Minutes with Reed,” which ended up lasting 15 minutes because of his detailed explanation of why people don’t talk to their dream girl or guy.

“We want to give the fans something that they would enjoy listening to on a regular basis,” Brandon said.

Brandon and Manley have also auctioned off dates with their friends to callers. Listeners have had the chance to win a date with Brandon, Haddeland, senior Colton Westfall and junior Tim Wilson.

The show plays a variety of music, including rap, pop and country.

“It’s more of a friendship [between Brandon and me] rather than an acquaintance on the baseball team,” Manley said.

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