Habitat for Humanity is expanding

Potential for Habitat for Humanity neighborhoods in Portland is momentous.

Habitat for Humanity has recently taken great strides in progression of its organization—and it’s happening right in our backyards.

During the Great Recession, about three years ago, the non-profit housing group took advantage of the depressed real estate market.

With the help of incredibly generous donors, Habitat spent millions investing in vacant land right outside Portland—a genius business strategy, which is expected to keep it busy for five years or more.

With about 150 lots to its name, Habitat will be taking an innovative step in its organization and creating entire Habitat neighborhoods.

This big-scale approach is just one of many new methods being tested by Habitat across the United States during this market downturn.

According to a local building trades association, Habitat has become the 10th largest home builder in the Portland-metropolitan area by housing volume.

This statistic will become even more applicable as the first 22 homes of its 150 lots rise this spring on the east side of Portland.

This is the largest project in Oregon that Habitat for Humanity has overseen.

Habitat for Humanity is an ingenious approach to housing in general and reaches far closer to any ideal standards of housing than other for-profit companies do.

But this step in its organization is one which will surely benefit not just them but the communities and lifestyle in general.

It is a sustainable and purposeful use of land that would otherwise be bought and used for less meaningful functions.

The idea of having entire Habitat neighborhood is also a really healthy, momentous initiative.

The sense of connection and community that a neighborhood like that would foster would be really inspiring and life-changing.

Because each individual person or family would have endured the same process, the networking of support would be incredible.

The potential that this new idea has is limitless, and Habitat is on the forefront of fostering huge change in the realm of non-profit housing.


Andra Kovacs/Senior reporter



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