Game night switches things up

When it’s time to change things up in the bedroom, games and other fun activities are great things to try. And with so many options, everyone is bound to find something they love.

A trip to Spencer’s or an online search will yield a variety of games for couples, gag games and group games.

Erotic dice have intimate body parts on one and actions to do on the other.

A roll of two dice will tell what action to perform on what body part.

There’s even a glow-in-the-dark version, which could require you to feel each other to find the body part.

Truth or dare is fun and a good way to get to know your partner. Of course, truth will uncover some questions, but dare will also tell how open one will be with sex and what they like.

There are pre-made cards with questions, or you can come up with your own questions and dares.

There is also a tower version, like Jenga, where you take turns pulling out a block and answering a question or doing the dare.

For the creative artists, there is body paint. This is totally open-ended. It can be used to trace around the body.

This is a sensual way to get to know your partner’s body. Getting to know one another’s bodies in an intimate way like this can be a satisfying bonding experience.

Of course, everyone knows about strip poker. You can go by the standard rules or adjust them to fit your own needs.

This can be done with two people or a group of friends who are comfortable enough with each other.

Generally, strip poker is played with a five-card draw and, in place of money, an item of clothing is the bet.

Decided by the players, clothes can be taken back or they can be lost for good.

An alternative for couples is betting sexual favors. This can be anything the two agree on and are comfortable with.

Some bets could be positions, strip teases, lap dances, a room to have sex in or something new you want to try with your partner.

Technology can provide these games and others right at your fingertips. There are apps for the dice game, truth or dare, Kamasutra for positions, sex roulette for how and where to have sex, and many others.

Decide what you want to accomplish and have a game night!

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