College Relations raises money for training dummy

Linfield’s College Relations hopes to raise $50,000 for a new, high fidelity training dummy for the Portland campus by the end of the fiscal year.

It has raised more than $45,000 for the dummy and hopes to meet its goal by the end of June.

The current dummy, dubbed Eric, has gone through more than 5,000 simulations and more than 1,000 students.

“When a group of us from College Relations was visiting the Portland campus, Jana Taylor, who is the director of the simulation lab, expressed that Eric’s warranty is about to run out. He’s kind of on his last leg, and they really needed a new mannequin,” said Christina Diss, director of annual giving. “And my boss, Bruce Wyatt, thought, ‘Wow, this is a great way to engage some Portland alums in philanthropy.’”

There has been a huge outpouring of support from faculty, students and alums.

It has received donations from more than 100 Portland alumni, in addition to donations from McMinnville alumni, faculty and staff.

College Relations also hopes to raise money for this cause through the Spring Fling event, where students will pay for the opportunity to throw pies in the faces of their professors.

Eric is just one of the training tools used in the Portland campus’ Experiential Learning Center. The ELC is a facility within the Portland nursing campus where student nurses are able to practice the skills they have learned without putting human lives at risk.

According to the Linfield website, the ELC used 12 hospital beds, 10 adult-sized mannequins, 12 infant mannequins, two pediatric mannequins and a variety of specialized equipment, such as IV training arms and catheterization models.

In addition, the facility has three high fidelity training dummies, including Eric.

Of all the equipment available, none is as immersive as the high fidelity training dummies.

“You can inject medicine into it, you can take its blood pressure, you can start IVs,” Diss said. “It gives students an opportunity to practice medicine in a safe environment before they start out on their clinicals.”

Not only does the ELC lab prepare students for their clinicals, but time spent in the ELC counts toward their clinical hours.

“We just feel like experiential learning is such an integral part of the Linfield college experience for all students, and obviously, especially critical for the nursing students,” Diss said.

In a mock letter from the training dummy, Eric writes, “Though a price can’t be put on a human life, it can on my replacement—$50,000.”

Just like a human life, the experience provided by Eric’s replacement will prove invaluable to future nursing students.

Joel Ray/
Senior photographer

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