Wildcats go into NWC tournament undefeated

Freshman Kaila and senior Kiana Nip grabbed wins in both singles and doubles April 14, wrapping up the tennis season with perfect scores and leading the women’s tennis team to an undefeated season against Northwest Conference opponents.

The Wildcats swept the University of Puget Sound, 7-2.

The conference record was part of the women’s tennis team’s seven-year run of Northwest Conference victories.

The game marked the last time that the Nip sisters will play a conference game together, but despite this fact, they led the team, collecting wins in each of their singles matches. Kaila earned her 12th victory of the season after defeating Puget Sound’s Logan Thomapson, 6-0, 6-0.

Kiana also reached 12 victories throughout the season, finishing with a 6-1, 6-3 win over Maddie Thiesse.

The sisters collaborated in a doubles match, nabbing wins over Marissa Friedman and Thompson with an 8-3 score.

Other notable players included senior Abby Olbrich and sophomore Caroline Brigham, who each scored singles victories.

Olbrich overtook Madison Holtz, 6-3, 6-0, while Brigham defeated Jenna Gerdsen, 6-1, 6-2.

The pair, who is ranked as the west region’s seventh doubles duo, scored an 8-2 win over Holtz and Josephine Dow.

Kaila said that she would have to re-adjust her game after her sister graduated and would no longer be her doubles partner.

“It will be hard to adjust to not playing with my sister, and I will miss her a lot,” Kaila said. “On the court, she pushes me to play my best, and of course, she doesn’t sugarcoat anything because she is my sister. I like to set up the point and she likes to the put the ball away. We have complimenting games.”

She said that Kiana was the uniting force on the team, and that some of Kaila’s best times on the court were associated with her older sister.

“I can’t pinpoint an exact favorite memory on the court but I do love playing with my sister,” Kaila said. “Our coach said on Senior Day that she is the glue that brings our team together, and I agree. It will be hard to not have her on the team next year.”

Kaila said that one of the best matches of the season was at Whitman College’s home court.

“The highlight of the season this year was beating Whitman at their home courts because we all contributed to that win with a sweep in doubles and pulling through in singles,” Kaila said.  “I personally felt accomplished because I was unsure if I could beat Morgan, the twin from Texas, but I surprised myself with how well I was playing and how much I improved this season. I honestly feel like I did not have a lowlight this season. We, as a team have worked hard to have undefeated season.”

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