The Linfield Review hires 12-13 Editor-in-Chief

Junior Jessica Prokop has been hired as The Linfield Review’s 2012-13 Editor-in-chief.

Prokop was hired April 13, after an interview with Brad Thompson, associate professor of mass communication, and senior Joanna Peterson, managing editor of TLR.

This will be Prokop’s consecutive year in the position, and she plans to continue shaping the paper into a better publication with a stronger online presence.

Prokop said that readers can expect more live posts from Twitter and Facebook as events are happening.

She also intends to make the newspaper’s website more interactive and timely, featuring options like online polls and updated news posts throughout the week.

Prokop is driven to continue her role as editor-in-chief because of her passion for journalism.

Aside from her work at The Linfield Review, she was a 2011 Snowden Summer Intern and worked as a general reporter at The News-Review in Roseburg, Ore. last summer. She plans to write for The News-Register this summer.

She said that this immersion in journalism is important to her because of the vital role it plays in democracy.

“As journalists, it’s our job to act as the government’s watch dog, not it’s lap dog,” Prokop said.

She said that she also expects The Linfield Review to fulfill this role, in regard to student government and campus leadership.

“Even though we’re a student newspaper, we have to cover hard stories. We have to be willing to tell readers the truth, even if it means reporting on controversial incidents regarding our own,” she said.

Upon beginning the 2011-12 year, Prokop switched the newspaper publication schedule from Friday afternoons to Monday afternoons. She said that she intends to keep this schedule because it provides readers with more current updates on athletics and weekend events.

Prokop said that the 2011-12 year—her first term as editor-in-chief— has been a transitional period for The Linfield Review.

Most of Prokop’s current staff are freshmen, which meant that most of her time was dedicated to training new editors and organizing a system that would work for the people she hired.

But now that the staff is more familiar with the skills it takes to produce a newspaper, she expects the coming year to be more focused on building an online presence and ramping up the quality of writing and reporting.

While Prokop expects some current editors to re-apply for staff positions, she said she would like new applicants, as well.

If you are interested in working for The Linfield Review as an editor, writer, photographer, or illustrator, go to and download an application under the “jobs” tab.

Joanna Peterson/
Managing editor

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