Students sample Swedish cuisine at Portland cafe

The Associated Students of Linfield College took 11 students to Broder, a Swedish restaurant, April 11 in Portland.

Broder means “Brother” in Swedish. It comes from the owner Peter Bro’s Swedish last name. The restaurant was featured in The New York Times last year in the article “36 Hours in Portland, Ore.”

The restaurant has a neon “Café” sign hanging above the entrance. In its humble space, there is an open kitchen and bar surrounded by dining tables. The interior of the restaurant is lighted by candles and candle-like lights.

“I especially liked the dim lighting, which makes everything more mystical,” Hong Kong exchange student Queenie Ng said.

For $4, each participant had up to $17 to spend. A main course in the restaurant costs around $10, so most of them were able to have a main course, a side dish and a dessert.

Since the breakfast and lunch dishes are served all day, students had a great variety of choices. Some of them had Swedish Meatballs and Lamb Burgers, while others went for alternatives like Forlorade Agg (Lost Eggs) and Smorrebrod (Trio of Open-faced Sandwiches).

As for side dishes, most had the mushroom and potato soup, green salad or potato pancakes.

The waiter explained their culture and cuisine with patience. He said that Swedish people use a lot of eggs for food and their sandwiches are all open faced.

There was only one waiter and one chef on duty and food was not served until all was done. This made the wait a little too long for some of the students.

“The waiting time is really a turn-off,” said Ng.

However, the participants enjoyed the main courses and side dishes, thinking they were worth the wait. It was the desserts that really excited them. They had the Swedish style desserts like currant and orange coffee cakes and chocolate sandwich cookies.

Overall, students enjoyed the meal and left the restaurant knowing more about Swedish cuisine.

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