Size shouldn’t weigh in

Size matters… Or does it?

In short, no, it does not. Penis size is a big focus for men, when in reality, size plays a small role for women.

Porn has given many men the idea that the average penis size is much bigger than it really is. One of the most famous men in the porn industry, Ron Jeremy, is reported as having a penis more than nine inches long. This idea of average can make men feel inadequate.

Firstly, the men are in those videos because they have a big penis, just like the women are in them because they are skinny with big, fake breasts.

Secondly, ouch!

The average length penis is between two and four inches while flaccid, and five and six inches when erect: much smaller than Ron’s.

There are also different penis shapes. Some can be slightly bigger at the head, circumcised or uncircumcised, and they can bend in different directions. Bending has nothing to do with how a man places his penis when he puts clothes on. The bend is natural and can even be helpful in some positions.

Why doesn’t size matter? Women are more mentally stimulated when it comes to sex. The way her partner talks to her and makes her feel will do more for her in the end.

Also, the average depth of a woman’s vagina is three to four inches. If a man’s penis is too long, it can hit the cervix, possibly causing pain to the woman.

Additionally, if the penis is too wide, it can cause painful stretching of the vaginal walls.

Physically, women are stimulated mostly in the first two inches of the vagina, where there are more nerve endings. Think outside the vagina. Most women are stimulated more or only by the clitoris.

There can be size differences that prevent a couple from feeling much on both sides. This is where sexual fitness comes in. Find a position that will angle the vagina differently. Try raising her hips by placing a pillow under them. With the man behind the woman on her knees, she can relax her head and upper back all the way to the floor. The man can also angle his penis to rub against the wall of the vagina.

All in all, it’s the motion of the ocean that can make the difference for both partners. And that is the long and short of it.

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