Seattle band shows versatility

Up and coming Seattle—based artist Philana released a memorable debut album, “Arrows for Everyone,” on April 14.

This indie-pop group is led by the natural, dynamic talent of Philana Goodrich, who grew up on Orcas Island, which is off the coast of Washington.

As the daughter of artists, it is not surprising that she is as gifted, inspired and driven as her work conveys.

For the past two years, she has found herself performing around the Seattle area with group members Jordan Clark (drums), Scotty X (Bass), Derek DeGroot (Saxophone/Tambourine) and Chaz Altman (Trumpet/Keys/Electric Guitar).

As they continue to make a name for themselves, Philana’s voice continues to resonate in every listener they’ve encountered.

Philana’s musical flair can be easily accepted as genuine and strong.  Through her collaboration of talents as writer, vocalist and pianist, she is able to create a passionate listening experience.

Her voice displays an unwavering confidence that has successfully broken through the clutter that too much of pop is today.

The endless instrumental abilities of this group allow for extensive versatility, which also contributes to the interest and enjoyable nature of this album.

Even if it is classified as pop, you can’t help but pick up on undertones of R&B, soul and jazz richly embedded throughout the tracks. Contemporary and traditional have found a happy medium in “Arrows for Everyone.”

It is evident that her soul is imprinted in each track on this album. There is an incredibly refreshing nature regarding a genuine performance like the one she displays within the pop music sphere.

Philana’s voice, in addition to the carefully constructed instrumentals in “Boarders,” promotes a real, down-to-earth sensation that builds off of each component in a succinct, raw fashion that sounds effortlessly flawless.

This album is beautifully overwhelmed in versatility through vocal tone, lyrics and instrumental diversity.

Each track deserves your fullest attention, and I think you will find that Philana will quickly earn it, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Tune in to listen to Philana on KSLC 90.3 FM.  You can also listen online at or stream through the latest version of iTunes.

Brinn Hovde/
KSLC Music Director
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