Review: Senior performs final show

Senior Jessie Goergen, mezzo-soprano, presented her Senior Voice Recital on April 14 in Ice Auditorium, integrating four years of music study in a two-part performance that audience members described as diverse and soulful.

The performance showcased Goergen’s talents and featured songs of a variety of languages and musical styles that received a standing ovation.

Goergen began the recital with classical opera pieces in German and Italian, accompanied by pianist Debra Huddleston.

She was later joined by senior Logan Freitas, sophomore Jaimie McDonald, senior Jeremy Moll and senior Kayla Wilkens for a theatrical performance of “Habañera.”

“It’s from the opera ‘Carmen,’ which is one of the most seductive operas,” Freitas said.

Goergen concluded the first half of the performance with two George Gershwin songs from the 1920 Broadway musicals “Lady Be Good” and “Oh, Kay!”

“I was in my head for the first song, but after that I got out of it,” Goergen said about her initial nervousness. The mezzo-soprano never let her stage fright show, gracing the stage with confidence and energy that flooded the auditorium.

The second half of the performance brought a change of style. Goergen was joined by pianist Dana Libonati, tenor sax David Floratas, bassist Glen Libonatti and drummer Anthony Libonati for jazz and pop performances that received an energetic reaction from the audience.

“There is nothing greater than connecting emotionally with an audience and having the power to move someone with your music,” Goergen said in an email.

Goergen has been singing and performing since she was young, participating in jazz, country and pop vocal competitions. She has also been honored by the Oregon State Fair and the KPOD Bi-Coastal Media Texico Country Showdown.

“I have a very musical family. Music has always been a huge part of my life,” Goergen said.

While at Linfield, Goergen has taken every opportunity to get musically involved, as she has sung for the Jazz Choir, Concert Choir and the Women’s Ensemble and is currently the president of Linfield’s A Cappella Choir.

“I’m very grateful to have received many accomplishments and opportunities in performing at Linfield over the years,” said Goergen in an email.

Goergen has worked extensively with voice coaches Gwen Leonard, professor emerita of music, and Natalie Gunn, adjunct professor, who have seen her mature as a musician.

“During her time at Linfield she’s come to enjoy and appreciate the classical style of singing,” Gunn said.

“I am very fortunate to be able to study under great voice teachers who have taught me a tremendous amount in technique and performance,” Goergen said.

The preparation for the recital was a considerable one. She has been working for three semesters to perfect her work for her senior capstone, and the work has paid off.

Goergen is currently writing her own music for upcoming concerts, as well as preparing to perform for Linfield’s Wildstock in May. Although she is pursuing law school after graduation, she intends on continuing her career as a musician.

“My dream and passion is to be a musician who touches lives, inspires others and connects with those around me,” she said.

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