Pi Kappa Alpha works to develop image

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has begun preparation for its new philanthropy, the “Pike Push.” The service will all go to the Wounded Firefighter’s Fund.

The fire truck that sits behind the fraternity house is a symbol for the mens’  philanthropy.

The fraternity received the truck from an alumni who repaired it at his house, but it has been a part of the fraternity for years.

Members are going to ask local business and corporations to donate to the cause. Then they plan on attempting to push the fire truck, and for every 100 feet the fraternity moves the vehicle, the businesses will donate a set amount of money.

This event is tentatively going to be held on campus in May.

“If we can use it to help a person who the community really cares about, that’s what we want to do,” sophomore Lee Rivers said.

Rivers is the community service chair for Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He is actively trying to turn the community service of the fraternity around.

With the fraternity’s new house, many of the members actually live together, making it possible to do more joint activities in the community.

Junior Harper Taylor, external vice president, said the fraternity has come a long way from his freshman year. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity did not have its own house and only about 12 members were a part of the chapter.

“They weren’t doing anything but they had the potential to do a lot,” Taylor said.

This year, Pike has about 32 members and are currently rushing seven more.

Since the opening of its new house this summer, the men have been able to attract more people to join. The majority of the members live in the house and hope to achieve more than past years.

“Community service is not just a Greek thing or a Pike thing, it’s an everybody thing,” Rivers said.

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