New Cabinet members prepare to take office

Maggie May: Secretary

“I want to get the campus involved! Ideally, everyone would be on the same page in terms of current events and issues on campus. I plan to do this by making Senate minutes more interesting. I want students to be able to see that there are things going on that are applicable to their interests quickly and easily. I plan to creatively use social media and some kind of prize incentive to accomplish this.

I chose to be a Cabinet member because I have been a leader in various areas but never for student government. I thought that the secretary position would be a great way to use my leadership skills on a larger scale. I also think being up-to-date and involved in what’s happening on campus is very important in building a strong sense of community here at Linfield.

I am most excited to become more involved myself and to gain new experiences and skills.”

Evan O’Kelly: Vice President of Programming

“In terms of goals for Cabinet next year, I hope to improve the relationship between Cabinet and the Linfield Activities Board and act as the liaison between the two entities to provide for a more tight-knit organization as a whole.

I chose to become a Cabinet member because I believe I possess the necessary skills to make a positive improvement to the student-run organizations at Linfield and because the experience I have will give me a head start in terms of understanding the duties and responsibilities that come with being a Cabinet member.

I am most excited to hire a new LAB staff that will be hard-working and motivated to develop a mission statement and restructure the image of LAB. I look forward to working in partnership with my peers in the other Cabinet positions, and I feel this particular Cabinet will establish a very close relationship and hence achieve the goals we set forth at the beginning of our term.”

Nora Burnfield: Student Center Director

I chose to be a member of Cabinet because I wanted to be Student Center Director. So my interest came from the specific position rather than from the idea of being in Cabinet. I have multiple ideas on how to improve the facilities that my position oversees and am so excited to put my ideas into action. I am most excited to work on the game room and hopefully make it a more prominent place on campus.

My main goal as a member of Cabinet is to get the student body more involved in and excited about campus happenings.”

Thomas Bryan: Vice President of Business and Finance

“My goals for next year in my second term as VP of Finance is to become more transparent with the ASLC budget and make sure that students know where their money is going. Another goal is be a resource for students and Cabinet members by helping them fund events or projects. My final goal is for this organization to have grown since the time I took office last year.

I am excited for working with the new Cabinet and seeing what plans they have for next year. The budgeting process is one of the most important parts of my job and seeing how we can make Cabinet members goals and plans a reality.

Meg Burgess-Hull: Publicity Director

“I am really excited to put ASLC on Twitter. It is important that publicity for events be on every type of social media outlets and this is just
another great and easy way for students to be able to access the latest news.        I am currently a member of Alpha Phi Sorority and being a part of Greek life has really inspired me to give back to a community. Greek life has allowed me the opportunity to hold leadership positions and my thinking was why stop there? I want to be able to give back to more than just one community and learn more about in’s and out’s of Linfield.

I am really looking forward to working with the new Cabinet members and getting the student body up-to-date faster with all the current news.”

Josh Melander: Club director

“Ultimately, my goal is to get clubs more active. The school offers clubs and many resources. Right now, they’re being under-utilized. Getting clubs more active will help facilitate a more involved student body and enrich campus life in general. Past that, the Cabinet as a whole is looking for what students want. We want to make students’ time here awesome, so we’re always looking for suggestions. What most motivated me to become a Cabinet member was my desire to get involved with all of Linfield. For the past three years I’ve been heavily involved in Greek life, now I want to take the skills and experience I gained there and hopefully use them to enrich life at Linfield. I chose club director, specifically, because I have a lot of experience communicating and collaborating between different groups of people and I think it is the place I can be most beneficial by applying these skills. I think Nic [Miles], Susana [Fajardo], Dan [Fergueson] and everyone else on the hiring committee did a great job. So it’s no wonder that I’m really excited to work with the rest of the Cabinet members. I think everyone will do a great job and push their positions to new heights. Other than that, I’m just excited to pursue my goals of promoting student involvement at Linfield.

Keevin Craig: Sports director

The Linfield Review was unable to reach Craig for an interview.

Andra Kovacs/
Senior reporter
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