Linfield falls to Pacific in final matches of season

The curtain has closed on the season for the Linfield men’s tennis team.

Three seniors, Bryce Borland, Cody Levien and Ian Rapport, will be saying goodbye to the Wildcats.

“Playing for the Wildcats has been a great honor, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so,” Levien said.

Along with junior Zach Lyons, Levien has led the team this year.

“Playing doubles with Zach has been a lot of fun, and we had a good record and some really good wins.”

Levien had a rough season in singles, with a 2-14 record. But he and Lyons earned a 11-6 record in doubles.

“Zach and Cody have put together an all-conference season in doubles, and they finished the season on a high note,” coach Carl Swanson said.

Levien, along with hoping to continue playing tennis, looks forward to seeing his younger teammates improve as players.

“Hopefully, I can find some time to come back next year to watch some of the matches. I’m really interested in seeing how this team will grow over the next three years,” Levien said.

Also leaving the team is international student Matthijs Baurichter from the Netherlands.

This year has been Baurichter’s first experience with college-level play.

“It has been a great opportunity. We’ve had a good trainer. He’s a great coach,” Baurichter said.

This past season has been a tough one for the entire team.

The team is mainly comprised of freshmen, so a rough start might be

However, most of the team has three more years to continue to grow and improve.

“This is a season of rebuilding,” Assistant Coach Matt Levering said.

All of the players have grown during this past season.

Freshman Micah Roos attained the highest record in singles among the freshmen, at 5-14.

Freshman Luke Kleinman managed a 4-12 record in singles.

Lyons achieved the highest record in singles this year, with 6-12.

The Wildcats played their last two matches April 13 and 14.

Friday’s match, against the University of Puget Sound, ended in a close 5-4 loss.

The Loggers took all three victories in doubles, but the Wildcats came back, winning four out of six singles.

Lyons, Levien, Kleinman, and freshman Ben Brewer all won their singles

At Saturday’s match, Lyons and Levien won their last doubles match, 8-6, earning the Wildcats’ only point in the 8-1 loss against Pacific University.

The Wildcats ended the season 2-17 in NWC standings.

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