Keeping childhood memories alive: Students bring pieces of home to college

Stuffed animals serve as one of the signature symbols of childhood. Many students keep them on their beds so that every night they are able to remember those moments that remind them of home. Ivanna Tucker/Features editor

Everyone who walks in the room notices the panda that sits casually on sophomore Sasha Pollock’s bed. This panda brings her a sense of comfort.

As children, people hold onto items that mean the most to them, whether that is a stuffed animal, blanket, photos or a toy of some sort. Some people believe that these childhood objects stand for their youth, while others view the items as comforting or peaceful.

The time spent away from home can be a difficult one to adjust to, and these items bring back memories. It is slowly being taught that it is time to grow up, but saving these keepsakes is a symbol of youth.

Pollock also has a purple jacket that she keeps with her as a reminder of what she has been able to live through.

According to Psychology Today, females are more likely to share that they brought these kinds of items, while males are more hesitant.

Most things show some feminine attributes, causing many to believe that it is not acceptable for men to have anything with sentimental value.

Men who do not follow this stigma are generally applauded for showing a sensitive side of themselves.

Freshman Christopher Clavel keeps a Pikachu at his bedside. His mother gave it to him when he was 5 years old.

“Now that I’m away from home and away from my mom, I can look back to it and remember how much my parents love me,” Clavel said.

Photos are another way to cherish memories from your youth. The visual image can trigger memories in a different way than other objects can.

Junior Leanne McCallum keeps photos of her grandmother and grandfather close to her. One sits on her desk, while another sits on a shelf in her room. The photo of her and her grandfather shows him at one of the last times he was at his healthiest.

“I bring them to remind me of my family when I miss them and for encouragement, McCallum said. When I have difficult times, I look at the photos and remember that [they] would want me to keep working hard and trying even when I don’t want to.”

Being away from home can bring homesickness, and some students use these objects to connect them back to a place where they felt safe.

These objects show a sense of positivity and bring back moments that students want to remember. With all the stress that college brings, students look to their childhood possessions to regain a feeling that those items carry.

“Most of the time people who bring childhood items to school because they have some sort of sentimental value,” Clavel said. “For me, at least, childhood was the best stage of my life: no worries and just fun.”

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