‘Growing in the Cold’ sure to please

Jess Penner’s latest album, “Growing in the Cold,” is a delight that is a breath of fresh air for all who listen.

Equipped with her guitar and pleasurable attitude, Penner will lure you track-by-track with her fanciful voice and innocent lyrics that are warm and uplifting.

The singer-songwriter from Los Angeles grew up in Hawaii and her joyous tones evoke a surplus of warmth that she has acquired and embraced throughout her life.

“Life is Rosy” is an up-tempo track that undoubtedly exemplifies her contagious affirmative tone.  Her voice is coincidently original and comfortable, all while maintaining a reassuring harmony that could be known from a long-time friend.

Her talents naturally create a light, airy atmosphere that will leave a welcomed lasting impression. Humorous and honest lyrics will hit close to home drawing you even closer to her blissful presence.

What she refers to as her “sassy” song, “I Won’t Change” expresses her tribulations concerning a nonconforming relationship. Her insight is sincere, relatable and nevertheless fun. With optimism like hers, you might feel as though there is never a bad day with Penner.

Many of her songs are about her experiences with an array of relationships from friends to lovers. With her open outlook on life, she is equipped to take anything in stride and prepared to share her experiences through her work.

“Bring Me the Sunshine” is a testimonial to her free-spirited motives that anyone would find contagious.  Her voice and heart are open and ready to be absorbed. With a spacious voice she may be soft around the edges, but she is ready to express and be heard.

Penner is an absolute delight and “Growing in the Cold” is an ideal extension of her grace.  Simple and down-to-earth, she knows how to be true and personable in her work.

Her voice is one you don’t want to miss out on.  Since signing her first record deal at the age of 16, she has continued to develop her resume, which includes features in advertising campaigns, movies and television shows. She is sure to continue to expand her name and surpass any foreseen boundaries.

Make sure to tune in to listen to Jess Penner on KSLC 90.3 FM to experience her outreaching talent.  You can also listen online at www.linfield.edu/kslcfm.

Brinn Hovde/
KSLC Music Director
Brinn Hovde can be reached at kslcmusic@gmail.com.

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