’Cats catch wins over Bruins

Senior Jaydee Baxter dives into third base before scoring a run during the game against George Fox University on April 7 at Del Smith Stadium. Joel Ray/Staff Photographer

The Wildcats blew away the competition at home April 6 and 7. Facing off with George Fox University, Linfield competed in four games against the Bruins, winning all four of them.   Linfield added another win to its record after the second game of the day on April 7. The Wildcats won 7-0.

Starting the game off, senior Jaydee Baxter scored off of a single to center field hit by sophomore Katy Brosig during the first inning.   Baxter scored again in the third inning.

During the Wildcats’ fifth inning, four runs were scored. With only two hits in the fourth inning, Baxter and freshman Grace Middelstadt scored off a single by senior Staci Doucette.

Senior Emily Lepp also scored after junior Karleigh Prestianni was called out after a fly ball to center field. Last to score that inning was Doucette, after a single to right field.

Scoring for a fourth time, Baxter earned the final run of the game off a double hit by Brosig.

Earlier in the day, the Wildcats had another game against the Bruins. Taking an early lead, Linfield earned five runs during the first inning. Baxter scored the first run, followed by a home run by Prestianni with the bases loaded. This allowed Brosig, Doucette and Lepp to score.

The Wildcats scored another five runs in the sixth inning. Freshman Kate Hasty scored after a double hit by sophomore Ashley Garcia to right field. Junior Megan Wallo scored off of a double by senior Jordan Mixsell. Freshman Erin Carson hit a single allowing sophomore Kristin Herren to score another run.

After a single off of a bunt from Baxter, both Middelstadt and Mixsell scored, rounding out the score, 10-4.

With two games on April 6, Linfield started off the competition against George Fox with two wins, putting Linfield’s Northwest Conference record at 21-2.

The Wildcats’ next home game will be against Willamette on April 14.

“Willamette will definitely come ready to play. These teams will bring their best to the games and will put up a fight,” freshman Lisa Yamamoto said. “We just have to focus one game at a time and make sure not to look past any opponent.”

With the season coming to a close, the team will be preparing for the Northwest Conference Tournament, which will happen on April 21.

“The NWC tournament will bring out the best in teams,” Yamamoto said. “This is the time where teams have the opportunity to play one last time after the season and will determine if they go to the post-season. We will have some competition, but we will have played against all the teams by the time of the tournament, so we will have a good idea of what we are up against and we can prepare accordingly.”

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