Battle of the Bands attracts fresh faces

Seniors Jeremy Moll and Logan Freitas won Linfield’s annual Battle of the Bands competition April 27, walking away with a cash prize of $300, followed by senior Jessica Goergen in second place.

Moll and Freitas, both music majors, have been friends since their freshman year at Linfield, taking every music class and singing in jazz choir together.

The duo played with the Hawaiian reggae band Na Hemo freshman and sophomore years, placing first freshman year and second sophomore year.

Freitas is putting together an album with the help of Moll.

“His music is soul and Motown, but at the same time it has a pop aspect to it,” Moll said.

A familiar face to Linfield’s music scene, junior Nic Miles, performed solo at the Battle of the Bands, competing against bandmate Goergen.

Although Goergen beat him, he felt she deserved it.

“I was glad to see that she did well,” Miles said.

Miles and Goergen, alongside junior Evan O’Kelly and senior Don DeFrang, will be opening for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Wildstock this year.

The band will perform covers along with a couple of original songs written by O’Kelly and Goergen.

“Playing music is one of my favorite ways to hang out with friends,” Miles said. “There’s something really primitive about it.”

Sophomore Sylvan Tovar, junior Michael Davis and sophomore Cole Curtright performed together in front of a live audience for the first time at the Battle of the Bands.

Junior Collin Morris is also a member of their band, called The Naturalists, but was unable to attend the show.

“Two months ago, we started playing together just for fun,” Curtright said.

They performed a couple of original songs, one of which they had written only two hours before the show.

“Mike and I start playing something really cool, and then Cole and Collin start writing lyrics for it,” Tovar said. “We take it from there and see what happens later.”

Although they didn’t win, they still see their first performance as a success.

“We played our songs, people heard us and people liked us,” Tovar said. “The people who did win were very skilled, talented musicians and were better prepared than we were.”

Before the end of the year, they hope to play a live show at Storey Street.

“We’d love to perform more,” Curtright said. “I love the expression that you can convey through music.”

This year’s Battle of the Bands was a greater success than last year’s, with more bands participating.

Freshman Calvin Howell, also known as ‘Cal Hal’, performed, as did a group of hula dancers.

Last year, only three bands competed for three prizes.

“It’s tough getting fresh faces out there,” Miles said. “This year was a step in the right direction.

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