Wildcats claim wins while away

The baseball team dominated this past weekend as it brought in three wins during its series against Whitman College.

Linfield went into the series second in conference, while Whitman placed sixth.

The team started off the weekend with a doubleheader on March 17.

“Our main goal of the weekend was to get a sweep,” freshman Chris Haddleland said. “These are three big wins we

During the first game, the Wildcats commanded attention as they won 21-3.

At the top of the third, Linfield pulled in five runs and continued to set high standards for the Missionaries to follow.

Sophomore Nate McClellan started off the second inning strong with a triple and scored a run for the Wildcats.

In the third inning, Zach Boskovich and sophomore Clayton Truex scored home runs for Linfield.

The Missionaries only scored three runs during the eighth inning.

Senior Ryan Larson pitched seven innings without scoring and had six strikeouts.

Linfield gained its second win against Whitman 11-1, with the Missionaries only scoring one home run in the sixth inning.

Senior Robert Vaughn pitched six innings with no hits and four strikeouts.

Sophomore Kramer Lindell tripled during the third inning, which allowed Boskovich to score a run.

Three runs and three hits were made during the fourth inning.

Junior Michael Hopp hit a double, allowing two runners to score. Then senior Kevin Allan bunted to allow Hopp to make it home.

During the last two innings, five more runs were scored with a triple in the ninth by sophomore Jake Wylie.

Linfield pulled through another win on March 18 against the Missionaries, 9-4.

Sophomore Zach Brandon was starting pitcher. During his innings, he only permitted two runs and a single walk.

In the first inning, the Missionaries scored a run by sophomore Cameron Young.

The Wildcats got back in the groove in the third inning as sophomore Tim Wilson scored a home run and Lindell’s single allowed another run.

Five runs were made in the fourth. The defensive line was tested as three consecutive bunts were made.

Senior Kevin Allan scored a home run allowing Linfield to gain a six run lead.

Three doubles occurred during the sixth by Truex, Boskovich and McClellan, allowing the Wildcats two more runs.

Haddleland and senior Spencer Crepeaux, both pitched innings with no runners scoring, allowing another win for Linfield.

The team will play Whitworth College on March 24 and 25 at noon.

The Pirates are number one in the conference with 5-1.

“It was a combination of things [that made the team successful], we hit the ball extremely well this weekend and all of our pitchers threw well as well,” Brandon said. “ [Also] we executed well when we had runners on base.”

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