Students sample Ethiopian food

The Ethiopian food at El Njoni Cafà in Portland gave a group of Linfield students the opportunity to have a new type of dining experience and a taste of delicious food.

Freshman Kaitlyn Drake and sophomore Paulina Rodriguez attended the African Film Festival and Taste of Ethiopia event March 2.

Both agreed that the most unique and memorable part of dinner was the large platters that sat in the middle of the table and were shared between four people.

“The food had very strong spices. It was very strong, but in a good way,” Drake said.

Rodriguez said that at first she didn’t know what to expect from the food, but enjoyed the fact that they shared the platters with each other because it made the meal feel more familial.

There was also special bread that was served with the food at dinner.

“The way we had to eat the food with the bread kind of reminded me of my culture because I come from a Mexican family where eating with tortillas is part of our tradition, so having to eat with the bread the way we did reminded me of my Mexican culture,” Rodriguez said.

After dinner, the group went to Portland Community College to watch “I Sing of a Well,” an award-winning love story. This was played at the 22nd Annual Cascade Festival of Films.

“It was a really cool movie with lots of intricate costumes,” Drake said. They both enjoyed the experience of learning about and experiencing aspects of African culture.

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