Senate supports stopping sale of plastic water bottles

Students gathered to discuss the new water botle proclamation to ban the selling of plastic water bottles on campus on March 5 in TJ Day hall, passing the proclomation 9 to 6. Joel Ray/Staff photographer

Six new faces showed up at the March 5 Senate meeting to voice their support for the water bottle proclamation being voted on.

The proclamation, presented by the Campus Liaison Committee, expresses support for the removal of the sale of plastic water bottles on campus—a goal made by the recent campus movement, Tap That. The proclamation passed 9-6 votes after nearly an hour of open discussion.

Junior Collin Morris and sophomore Annika Yates, who have spearheaded the movement, attended the meeting to express their ideas and support their campaign. Sophomore Sylvan Tovar, juniors Katharine Holm, Rachel Codd and Kassie Russell, who have been working alongside Yates and Morris to educate and empower the student body, were also there. The proclamation, now with Senate’s support, will be voted on by the Associated Students of Linfield College Cabinet.
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Senior reporter
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