Health is not optional: Why is food choice?

Coming into college, students expect the dining situation to improve from high school. Though the food quality has improved slightly this year, healthy options and food variety are not there.

With Sodexo providing three locations for food on campus, students are well fed throughout the week. When it comes to the weekend, O’Riley’s closes and Catty shack’s hours are reduced. With the weekend being the key time for students to work on schoolwork, an additional dining facility with hours to accommodate the late working college student would be nice.

While Catty shack is open until midnight during the week, this option is not available to those who can’t get food off-campus. At other colleges, such as Oregon State University and Pacific University, dining services are open later than just midnight and do not close early on the weekend.

In addition to having more locations with longer hours, Linfield needs more fresh produce options. Although there is not always an abundance of fresh produce, Sodexo does a good job at providing what it can.

Sodexo prides itself on its use of local produce. Although this is a positive, offering more fresh produce options would give the students more healthy food options, regardless of where it comes from.

As well as having a wider variety of healthy food, we should have more than just Sodexo dining facilities and more variety in food types. Dillin consistently serves pizza, Mexican food, pasta, burgers and chicken strips. While this variety suits the small college student population, students get tired of the same thing over and over again.

With the limited choices that are offered, students eat junk food. The salad bar is one of the only ways to get fresh produce on any given day. The other option for fresh produce in Dillin and Catty is the basket of fruit the dining services provide.

Linfield has already started bringing in more produce, but not many students know about it. According to the Linfield Garden Club’s website, one of its long-term goals is to work with Sodexo. Although produce would only be available during certain seasons, it’s a start.

The Oregon Food Bank is constantly working with people on not only feeding those in need, but also by teaching them about ways to cook it and to be healthy. If some education behind the proper way of cooking this fresh produce was offered to them, students would not only be learning skills that they would use in college, but skills they can use all their lives.

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