Global Action Club hosts Kony 2012


Representatives for Invisible Children spoke to students and answered their questions after the screening of “Kony 2012” hosted by Linfield’s Global Action Club on March 14. Kate Straube/Photo editor

Since the explosion of the Invisible Children controversy on the news, Facebook and all around the world, the Global Action Club booked a screening of “Kony 2012,” the organization’s latest documentary.

Representatives from Invisible Children, called roadies, came to campus to show their documentary, to share their stories and to answer any questions on March 14.

Sophomore Kyra Rickards, co-president of the Global Action Club, said she thought the event was important so that Linfield students could come to educate themselves, rather than judge the movement based on what they see on Facebook.

“Showing the film and having the roadies come and talk to the school allows us to see some of their vision and intention, as people within the group, which we don’t really get from watching the film online,” Rickards said. “You get a lot of emotionalism and heated reactions from watching the film without some sort of context or conversation with the group—which is what we get from having a screening and talking with people involved directly with the promotion of Kony 2012.”

The roadies were confronted with many questions about their programs, such as where donations go and what will happen after Kony is captured.

The representatives encouraged students to come talk to them individually, which many students did after the event. One of the roadies, Timmy, made it clear why events like these are important during his presentation.

“We know there’s a lot of criticism, but we believe 100 percent in what we’re working for,” he said. “We encourage you to do the research and really get all the information so you can see what we’re all about.”

Rickards said that she thought the event was a success with the amount of people in attendance and the useful, critical questions.

“This will hopefully clear up a lot of the confusion and controversy surrounding ‘Kony 2012’ and Invisible Children,” she said.

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