Exercise can help people solve problems

In today’s world, Americans face problems such as obesity, economic competition from other countries and a struggling public education system. I have a simple solution to all of these problems: exercise!

Exercise can release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that reduce pain and stress while increasing feelings of happiness.

I know that if I’m having a difficult time working on homework, I go workout, so that I can come back to my assignment with a clear head and actually focus.

Also, people who exercise tend to have a healthier body weight and more energy. If more people in America had higher energy levels, we could accomplish more as a nation and keep up with quickly advancing countries such as China.

However, before we get to that point, America has to figure out how to become active.

Some of the major obstacles we face are our own creations. Living with all of the luxuries technology gives us makes it easy to live a sedentary lifestyle. The more technology we have, the less work we have to do by hand.

While this may speed up processes and be more efficient, as a result, people have stopped moving around as much. Not surprisingly, this leads to a country of overweight people.

However, we don’t need to get rid of these modern technologies to slim down. We simply have to set aside time for exercise.

There are the traditional forms of exercise, such as going to the gym or running, but this may not be for everyone. If you are someone who does not enjoy going to the gym or running, do not despair.

The goal here is to simply become more active. One does not have to workout at a high-intensity to enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Simple ways to become more active include taking your dog for a walk, riding a bike to the store or going for a hike.

What did you enjoy doing as a kid? Maybe it was shooting hoops or playing soccer. Enjoy those activities again.

One thing that I love to do is dance. Blast your music and dance like a fool around your room or house.

Love to play video games? Instead of always playing video games where you are sitting on your butt, invest in a game that gets you moving. If you have a Wii, Kinect for the Xbox or PlayStation Move, there is a wide variety of fun games that get you moving.

Exercise does so many good things, not only for the body, but the mind as well. If more people exercised on a regular basis, they would be happier and more confident because of a better body-image. They would also have more energy to get work done.

America may have a reputation as a country of fat, lazy people, but if we all get moving, we can get rid of that reputation.

Meghan O’Rourke
/Opinion editor
Meghan O’Rourke can be reached at linfieldreviewopinion@gmail.com


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