Catty Shack should offer delivery service

Have you ever been sitting in your dorm room, cramming for a test and needed some food to boost your concentration? Picture this situation. It’s late. You need food to keep studying, but don’t have time to walk to Catty (your test is a mere couple hours away). Here is a solution; Catty can deliver!

Imagine being able to just stay in your room and get whatever you wanted from Catty delivered right to your door. It sounds like a dream world, and our campus has what it takes to make it possible.

Creating this system would be as easy as making a sandwich in Catty itself. First, you need extra staff members. This is like the paper your sandwich gets wrapped in. Without this key component, the contents of your sandwich could fall apart. This aspect would create jobs on campus and provide employment for those students who need it. Next, an ordering system would need to be set up. This is like the bread of the sandwich. Letting students know about the service would be easy as well. Simply put cards in the students’ mailboxes to spread the word.

Do you want your sandwich toasted? Catty could set up two options; either get your order delivered or picked up. Both of these options eliminate the time you need to stay in Catty if you are in a rush or have a lot to get done.

After that, you need deliverers. These are like the different meats, cheeses and vegetables. This aspect of the service would create more jobs. With a new delivery option, more students would be able to work. As far as getting around, if a dorm is close, the workers could walk. If they are delivering somewhere farther off campus, for example Potter Hall, a golf cart could be used. New golf carts would not necessarily need to be purchased because students could use the ones from facilities that are not in service at night.

Lastly, comes the form of payment. This is like the mustard or mayonnaise you get last. Clearly, if Catty starts delivering, you will no longer be able to pay the normal way. In order to solve this problem, portable I.D. card scanners will need to be purchased. Yes, these scanners can be expensive, but the money that Catty Shack would make with the delivery service would most likely outweigh the costs. This may seem like a hassle or a waste of money, but they are easy to use and carry around. In addition, a small cover charge could be assessed for this service.

Even though Catty Shack is great as it is, it’s time to take this campus to the next level. Isn’t the whole goal of Catty to provide easy and accessible food for the students? In order to make it as convenient as possible, this new service would be perfect. This new system would boost business. The convenience of food delivery is exactly what many of us college students want. And who doesn’t want to open their door and see their sandwich waiting for them?

I know I wouldn’t mind, especially during finals week.

Kate Straube/Photo editor
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  1. This idea is utterly ridiculous. Our campus is tiny. Are we really so lazy that we can’t walk 5 minutes to get our own food? Also, lets be real for a second, people wouldn’t use it so they could study more, they would use it so they don’t have to miss their shows. Who are we trying to fool? Plus, if you have to study so much that you can’t take 5 minutes out of your schedule to eat, then you might want to reevaluate your life choices.

    On another note, this wouldn’t wouldn’t boost business either. Catty has a monopoly on Linfield’s campus. There is nowhere else that accepts Linfield’s point system. With that in mind, who’s business would Catty be taking?

    Lastly, If Catty did end up utilizing this unnecessary idea they wouldn’t have to buy any scanners. Employees can take your ID number and enter it into the register manually before they even see you. A interview with an employee would have relieved this concern.

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