Basebal team inches ahead of Willamette

In a series against Willamette, the Wildcats gladly welcomed back sophomore Nate McClellan to the lineup. McClellan was the hot hitter, going 6-11 this weekend in three games.

During the first game of the series, the Linfield Wildcats struggled to figure out Willamette pitcher Brandon Simon.

Simon, sporting a 6.38 ERA for the season, was able to deceive the Wildcats and pitched a complete game, shutting down Linfield’s offense by only allowing seven hits and one run, resulting in a Linfield loss, 1-4.

Hitting has been an issue in the past few games for the Wildcats. However, in the second game of the series, they stepped up their game with 13 hits.

“We were more aggressive at the plate” junior Tim Wilson said. “We were attacking the fastball and our hits began to drop in for us.”

Going off the momentum from a game-winning single by McClellan, the Wildcats began the third game with a bang.

In this game, not only did the Linfield players bat in a couple runs in the first few innings, but also the Willamette Bearcats
handed Linfield another pair of runs with a wild throw past the first baseman in the bottom of the fifth.

Junior Zach Manley pitched four and two-thirds innings before being relieved by senior Casey Cameron. In the following inning senior Spencer Crepeaux came in to pitch, remaining until the last inning when sophomore Zach Brandon came in to shut down the Bearcats.

Pitcher junior Zach Manley attributes his effectiveness to “keeping the ball low and in the zone” he said. “Also, being a four pitch guy helps me to have success while I’m on the mound.”

The Wildcats continue next weekend in Walla Walla, Wash. Their opponent will be Whitman, who experienced three blow-out losses against Pacific Lutheran University last weekend.

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