Apple is leading the way for technology

As I walk around campus and observe students, I notice a connection between people—Apple products. People have the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac Books.

Apple has become one of the top brands in the world when it comes to technology. The company has developed computers, music players, and even cell phones. Who knows what its going to come up with next?

Many people believe that Apple is just the latest trend and is going to fade away; however, this company has the potential to make big changes in the world. Apple is probably examining everything we used to see on those science fiction movies as we speak.

According to the Associated Press, Apple’s net worth is $500 billion.  It is constantly revamping its products so that it is able to stay ahead of other technology companies.

Competing companies need to step up the quality and the advances of their products if they want to gain the power that Apple has.

By the end of the year we could possibly see 3-D computer screens and making them smaller than the ever before.

Apple is setting the standards for technology and society should be prepared.  Some may say Apple is overrated, but in all honesty, it is setting standards that other companies are scared to approach.

If a company brings up an idea, Apple probably has it in the works already and is almost ready for production because the company follows up on its development process. Technology is an important aspect of our society but more than one company is needed to help guide the way.

Microsoft led the way all through the ‘80s and ‘90s. Apple is now taking its place and setting the trends for society to follow. Competing technology companies need to start establish their own trends because Apple shouldn’t be the only company dominating.

There is this belief that we will soon depend on all products made from Apple. This is not the message that I am supporting. The point is—other technology companies should try to compare and exceed what Apple has done. For instance, Apple is making laptops that are physically thinner and electronically protected. Companies should try to minimize their laptop sizes and try to update the capabilities of the laptop.

Lesser known companies are losing money and it affects all the employees involved. Apple keeps its company on the right path of success but should allow more Americans to have jobs. Companies such as Dell should try to do what Apple has failed at doing, which is hiring people from our own country.

My belief is that the employment rate will rise because we would be supporting a brand from our country that would open more jobs if they had the money to do so.

Japan and China are exceeding the capital in technology. Apple is allowing us to compete with these technologically advanced countries. If other American technology companies assisted with this process we would be more of a competitor.

If more U.S. companies were able to compete with Apple, it would change the technological advancement of our society.

Ivanna Tucker/Features editor
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