Voicing one’s concerns can help spark change

Last week, I attended the town hall meeting about the safety concerns that students have about the previous incidents that occurred during the winter break and January Term.

I’ve heard numerous students complain that the school is not helping with this situation.

Their concerns would have easily been addressed if they went to the meeting.
However, only a few students attended the meeting, the majority being residence life advisers and students who live off campus.

As a student body, we worry about getting the best college experience possible. How can we accomplish this if there is no one actually trying to voice their opinion? It becomes harder to show that we actually care if we are not going to these meetings or directly discussing these issues. Our country was not built only on the opinion of a few people. It was carefully constructed on the voices of many.

The more each person complains and does nothing about it, the less gets done. With this new presidential election coming up, our country’s well-being depends on the voices of our citizens. The well-being of our college is based on the voices of our students.

With every dilemma that has come up, there is a way to handle the situation properly. Speak up about it. Don’t just complain to your friends and the people in your halls. The first amendment was established for a reason. Some may say that the school will most likely not listen; however, if a considerably sized majority brings complaints before them, they will realize that this is more than just a small concern.

The school is trying to help but they cannot do so without our assistance. There have been resources created that students are able to use. In order for the school to realize that we actually appreciate their efforts, we need to use them.

As students, the issues that need to be heard should be voiced. Complaining can only get an issue so far if you are not doing anything about it. By attending these events and making a simple statement, or asking a question, the school will see that the students care. Instead, we are showing that these issues are not a big deal.

The few who are trying to save the college experience are trying to be heard but it takes more than a few to make something big happen.

Ivanna Tucker
/Features editor
Ivanna can be reached at linfieldreviewfeatures@gmail.com

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