Positive outlook gives next season hope

With the final buzzers going off, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams ended their seasons.

In the final game against the University of Puget Sound, the women’s team met its downfall in a final score of 75-61.

Following the women’s final game, the men’s team also played its final game, in which it lost 80-67.

The teams’ records were less than what the teams wanted, but they still look at the season as a success.

“The season went well,” freshman Alex Christensen said. “We had two great seniors who led us throughout the season. Although we didn’t have as many wins as we would have liked to, it was a year for growth, and I think all of us showed growth on the basketball court and grew together as a team.”

The women’s Northwest Conference record was four wins and 12 losses. The men’s NWC record was three wins and 13 losses.

“The main challenge that we faced was being such a young team,” Christensen said. “Playing against teams that play mostly juniors and seniors, when most of our team was freshmen, made it difficult. We had to learn quickly and grow up fast, but it means that the next few years we will improve.”

Although the teams didn’t win many games, they said the team overcame some big challenges.

“We only had three upperclassmen, which was a challenge,” senior Brynna Fuller said. “It is tough to adjust to the speed of the college game and learn the ropes of the program, but our freshmen did a good job. We also had a few injuries throughout the season that made things more difficult.”

The team did its best to work around the challenge of the large number of new players.

“We improved greatly from the beginning to the end of the season,” Fuller said. “We worked well together as a group and had a lot of team chemistry. We also had a few people step up when we needed them, which was great to see.”

The two teams knew never to give up during their games, which helped them keep a positive outlook on the season.

“We were a team that gave everything we had,” freshman Lauren Sheppard said. “We never lost on a lack of effort. As a team, we became close friends on and off the court. We were able to make great strides in progressing our program.”

Both teams look forward to next season with the hopes that their growth continues.

“Since we have so many underclassmen, we will just keep improving and be able to win some of the close games we had,” Christensen said.
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